From New York City and points West/North/South:

Grand Central Parkway East. Stay on the Grand Central until the road splits, Meadowbrook Parkway to the right, and the Northern State Parkway to the left.

Stay to the left on the Northern State Parkway East. Exit the Northern State East about 15 minutes later at exit #42N, Route 231/35 North.

Off the exit ramp onto 231 North. Get immediately into the left lane and bear left at the split in the road (Firehouse on right) onto Park Avenue toward Huntington. Stay on Park Avenue, cross Jericho Turnpike.

Make a right at the first light after Jericho Turnpike onto Broadway. Stay on Broadway for 5 minutes, cross Pulaski, continue on Broadway. Suigetsu Dojo is just before the rail road tracks, #80B on the right next to the Greenlawn LIRR train station.