Dojo Cho (Head Instructor) and Owner

Sensei Smith performing Hakko Densho Ryu technique Sandra Smith began her study of martial arts in 1991 in Albuquerque, New Mexico training in Kajukenbo. After training in various styles for several years while located in different parts of the U.S. she began her study of Hakko Densho Ryu Jujutsu in 2000. Sensei Smith has trained under Menkyo Kaiden Shihan Dara Masi and Shihan Melanie Fine since 2005. She received the rank of Yondan (4th degree black belt) in 2014.

In addition to Hakko Densho Ryu Jujutsu, Sensei Smith also studies T'ai Chi Ch'uan under Shihan Melanie Fine. She particularly likes how T'ai Chi improves the balance, center, and root of her Jujutsu.

Self Defense

In collaboration with Child Developmental Psychology Professors, Dr. Suzanne Johnson and Dr. Elizabeth O'Connor, Sensei Smith developed a comprehensive Children's Self Defense program. Sensei Smith teaches self defense seminars and courses for children, teens, and adults in a variety of venues and settings from local dojo seminars to scout troops to grade school groups to college courses. This program is recognized by the National Women's Martial Arts Federation.

Certifications and Organizations

Sensei Smith performing Hakko Densho Ryu techniqueSensei Smith is a NWMAF-certified Self Defense Instructor and teaches self defense classes for college, university and private organizations.
She is a member of the Hakkoryu Martial Arts Federation, the National Women's Martial Arts Federation (NWMAF) , Association of Women Martial Arts Instructors, and JuJitsu America.