suigetsuThe direct translation of Sui is water. Getsu means moon. When the two words are combined together, they represent the image of the moon's reflection on calm water and the water's pure and powerful reflection of the light back to the moon.

At Suigetsu Dojo we take our name seriously and strive to apply these thoughts to our training. The philosophy of Suigetsu Dojo is one that closely parallels the code of Bushido, the Way of the Samurai Warrior. Bushido incorporates serious training as a way of life not only in martial arts training, but as preparation for all aspects of living one's life- from simple courtesy and respect of others to courageousness. This means that students learn not only a method of physical self defense, but they also learn respect, confidence, courtesy, dedication, perseverance, independence, tolerance, patience, and much more. These teachings follow one throughout one's life at home, in school, and at work. Respect, hard work, attention, and dedication to training are provided at all times by the instructors and are expected of every student in return.

Suigetsu Dojo is not just a martial arts school.  We are a community of people who have come together to study the martial arts.  Our students often speak of the warm family based community feeling at Suigetsu Dojo.  There is a sense of belonging and caring for others.  We come to the dojo, train hard together, and leave each evening saying goodnight to people who have become our life-long friends.

Our Motto

"Train with a pure heart, a clear mind and a devout soul."
The word Suigetsu was chosen to capture the feeling of our motto. Train with a pure heart means that one trains with honor, integrity, and a clearness of purpose. Train with a clear mind means that one's thought is focused and free of doubt and confusion. Train with a devout soul means that your commitment to learning is sincere and earnest.

Our Vision

We strive to be a community leader and partner in helping our students succeed in building a philosophy of life and purity of human values through the practice of traditional Japanese martial arts.

Our Values

These values are at the heart of Suigetsu Dojo:


We practice the highest standard of personal and business ethics in all our interactions, continually strengthening our heritage of building relationships through honesty, trustworthiness and reliability.


We respect the unique contributions of every student, valuing the diversity of their experiences, ideas and initiatives. We ensure that everyone has the opportunity to learn and contribute to the Dojo in a way that enriches her or his personal development.

Personal Responsibility

We believe that it is our personal responsibility to grow and create value for Suigetsu Dojo. As a result, we each take ownership for and pride in enhancing the school's performance and reputation among students, peers and the communities we serve.


We become stronger as a family through teamwork with students from all rank levels. We support and reward innovative thinking and collaboration that achieves our mutual goal of building a successful school.