Self Defense Seminars and Courses

self defense seminar

What is Self Defense?

Self-defense is not the same thing as martial arts! Self-defense techniques are those you would use for the real dangers in our society today, such as harassment, abuse, and sexual assault. These are best addressed through a quality self-defense class. There is no need to learn martial arts moves or be a super athlete to learn self defense!

Anybody can learn basic physical self-defense skills, even somebody small, elderly, with physical disabilities, overweight, or out of shape. Do it to get you in touch with your physical power. Self defense teaches skills to use against harassment, abuse, and assault, including everyday situations that don't involve physical attack. Do it to increase your confidence. Self defense teaches effective skills that can be learned quickly. Do it to create a stronger body-mind connection, develop self-respect and awareness.

General Self Defense Programs

All programs are customized to meet the needs of the individual or group. This list is a sample of some of our most popular programs:

  • Self Defense for Women, all ages (one 3 hour seminar)
  • Self Defense for Teens Basics (one 3 hour seminar)
  • Self Defense for Teens/Adult Women Comprehensive (1 hour class weekly for 5-7 weeks)
  • Self Defense for Elementary/Grade School Children (at Suigetsu Dojo or in the school classroom)
  • Children's Self Defense-themed Birthday Party
  • Self Defense Prep for High School Grads going away to College

These programs and more are available. Please contact us for more information and to plan your individualized program.

Self Defense Program for Children

In collaboration with Child Developmental Psychology Professors, Dr. Suzanne Johnson and Dr. Elizabeth O'Connor, Sensei Smith developed a comprehensive Children's Self Defense program consisting of three levels that target specific age groups: 5-7 years, 8-10 years and 11-13 years. Each of these groups deal with different types of bullying in school, on the bus, afterschool groups, etc. The children are taught age appropriate and applicable verbal skills, boundary setting skills, physical defense skills and better skills for communicating with the adults in their environments. Parents are also provided information on helping their children recognize bullying and information on how to work with their community to make the necessary corrections.

Sensei Sandra Smith is a Certified Women's Self Defense Instructor through the National Women's Martial Arts Association. Sensei Smith has taught Women's Self Defense at colleges, universities and private organizations. Women between the ages of 13 to 85 years of age have participated in many of these classes which have helped develop skills in boundary setting, verbal self defense, awareness strengthening and physical defense skills. Participants are provided additional resources that would be beneficial to their individual circumstances, as well.