Tai Chi Chuan: A Moving Meditation

T'ai Chi Ch'uan (also spelled Taiji) is a Chinese internal martial art that promotes and cultivates health and well-being through slow movements, use of imagery, and focus on relaxation of the mind and body. Tai Chi is often characterized as a "Meditation in Motion," because of the stillness that is exemplified in its motion.

Tai Chi is an excellent form of exercise for people of any age. It aids in mobility and flexibility and slowly strengthens muscles and bones. Senior citizens will benefit from improved balance, coordination, and increased flexibility. People looking for spiritual growth use T'ai Chi Ch'uan as a moving meditation that aids focus, centering, and mental well-being. Tai Chi has been proven to reduce blood pressure and lower stress levels! The over-worked Long Island professional will gain an ability to be more relaxed and focused, reducing blood pressure and tension at work.

Recent studies have suggested that tai chi, with its slow exercises, breathing and meditation, benefits patients with chronic conditions such as fibromyalgia, mesothelioma, and arthritis. Our own students with these conditions report feeling better after a few weeks of practice.


TCC classHere at Suigetsu Dojo we study Yang Style T'ai Chi Ch'uan and Chi Kung (Qi Gong) through the lineage of Sensei Smith's Tai Chi instructor, Melanie Fine, and her instructor, Master Wasentha Young.

T'ai Chi Ch'uan training is customized for each individual student. The form is taught a small portion at a time, and is easily practiced at home without any special equipment or space requirements. Tai Chi emphasizes the cultivation of internal energy. Jujutsu students will find that T'ai Chi will aid them with the centering, energy, balance, and relaxation required for Hakko Densho Ryu techniques.