Certified Black Belt Instructors

2 photos- one of male instructor; one of female instructor; each teaching adults.All staff members at Suigetsu Dojo are Certified Instructors with many years of teaching experience. They bring their expertise to the classroom to make each class unique, challenging, and fun for all students, regardless of experience level.

Teacher Training Program

Suigetsu Dojo offers a unique teaching training program. All students - both children and adults - are required to learn basic teaching skills and assist with classes beginning at the rank of brown belt. All black belts are required to have basic teaching skills before testing for first degree black belt. Any student who shows interest in wanting to become a certified instructor is welcomed into our Instructor Training Program. This program provides many hours of experience and closely mentored training to help the student learn to work with both adults and children in teaching martial arts skills. When the program has been completed, the student will receive a formal Teaching Certificate.

Junior Teacher Training Program

Students under the age of 18 are encouraged to participate in the Junior Teacher Training Program. These young adults also participate in the Teacher Training Program and, when completed, are eligible to receive Jr Teacher Certification.